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POSTED BY: jk02 on 08/22/2011 15:04:35

Manchester United at Old Trafford with Tottenham at home to start the second round of the Premier League race.monster beats earphones Face just made the field in the European Cup 5-0 victory away to Tottenham, the Red Devils fans are most worried about, I am afraid that goalkeeper David - Degea, will not the same as the first two games of the recurrence of mistakes.beats by dr. dre , but the Red Devils manager Sir Alex Ferguson on the Spaniard is still confident Sir Alex Ferguson to accept the Sky Sports and other media before the interview, said: I have no problem between him and we never mentioned West Brom after a war that the media for his criticism.monster beats for cheap Ferguson is Degea defense: The game against West Brom, he handled the ball pass no problem, he just did not get protection. You see, he had been elbowed, the referee has not whistled for a kick. When you do not get protected, will certainly be very disappointed; but playing Tottenham at home,monster beats should not be a problem. Sir Alex Ferguson added: and, like every new, Degea are receiving special training.


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