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A few words about the creative

Defensive Midfielders
Support the play maker, defensive minded but the ultimate link between the defense and offense.
Great role model Didier Deschamps

Center Midfielders
A play maker. The center midfielder’s primary function is to support EVERY player on the field (excluding the goalkeeper). They must be offensive and defensive minded, thus they must have outstanding fitness and good at possessing the ball. These players must have stamina, strength, speed, determination and confidence on and off the ball. The player must show some creative skills to go though any defense.
Great player in this position Zidane

Outside Midfielders (winger)
This player is both offensive and defensive minded. The outside midfield player does not require physical strength, so finding a player that has good ball control, the ability to take players on and great fitness will often make great outside midfielders. This player is expected to be involved on the attack as well as defending, so this player must be fit. They must be able to dribble pass the defender and cross any balls to the forwards.

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